Killdeer - Broken-Wing Display, Boise, Idaho


- The video opens with a clip of a brown killdeer bird standing in a patch of grass. The video cuts to a clip of a younger killdeer, possibly the first killdeer’s baby, running.

The video then cuts to a clip of the parent killdeer crouched and exhibiting it’s broken-wing display. The bird flutters its wings in a distressed fashion as it looks around. It then stands normally for a second, and then reverts back to it’s broken-wing stance. 

The video then cuts to a clip of the baby killdeer crouched or hiding in the grass. The video cuts back to a clip of the parent killdeer, this time on the grass, once again exhibiting it’s broken-wing display and frantically fluttering one of its wings while in a crouched position. It then looks around for a couple of seconds, and returns to it’s normal, fully upright stance.